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Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower . Fantastic model that will blow the mind of the receiver, guaranteed! We admit, it's hard work because you will use 12 sheets of papers to fold this master piece but if we try to grade this model on a 1 to 10 scale it would probably break the upper limit with an 11, no question. So whether it's for decoration or as a gift to a loved one this Origami Lotus Flower will satisfy your expectations. Paper FoldingLotus Flower How to fold, How to fly




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Nana - [Uae - Dubai] - [17-Oct-2017]
I like this art very much please teach me more about ...
Cgbd - [Bcvbcvsdf - Fsdf] - [17-Oct-2017]
Que buen video pero se atrda mucho y me gusto mucho
Rose - [Lima - Brasil] - [16-Oct-2017]
Que maravilha!!!parabéns pelo talento!!vou tentar fazer!!!
Abdou - [Algeria - ] - [16-Oct-2017]
Thnk you so much...now..i can say that i found my hobby..my favoirite hobby! ;)

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Origami Lotus Flower

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